#FollowFriday: 03/18/11

I’m continuing my Twitter #FF blog post! By taking my “FollowFriday” recommendation in a different direction, my intent is to promote personal/professional branding and make it quick and easy to scan info about each Tweeple I follow and find value in every week. Thank you for your educational posts!!

Perhaps there’s an SEO benefit for each, too :-)

Automotive Gurus

  1. Gary May / imacsweb
    1. Description: Building brands, adding substance to businesses that understand what’s happening online (and those that want to). I blog a bit. Yeah, auto industry guy.
    2. Recent Post: The bonus of travel? Meeting some of the most interesting, life-adding people. Time with clients, then a bonus on top!
    3. Website: http://blog.imacsweb.com
    4. Twitter Profile: @imacsweb
  2. Larry Bruce / pcmguy
    1. Description: Founder / President / CEO MicrositesByU Q2 2010 and a new adventeure left Reynolds after 2 great years of a lot of Big Company fun.
    2. Recent Post: The Larry Bruce Daily is out! http://bit.ly/g8CK4Y ▸ Top stories today via @patrickstrother @ozzmak @jessepappas @bikelife
    3. Website: http://www.pcmguy.com
    4. Twitter Profile: @pcmguy
  3. Matt Murray
    1. Description: Director of Digital Marketing @ Dealer.com
    2. Recent Post: MUST READ: Cars, Restaurants, Financial Services Top Study Of “Complaint Searches” http://selnd.com/eSg3QT #automarketing #DD10 #AMBC
    3. Website: http://www.dealer.com
    4. Twitter Profile: @matt_murray

Fabulous Females

  1. Mirna Bard / Photographer
    1. Description: Hype-free Social Web & Biz Consultant, Keynote Speaker, Instructor of Social Media at UCI, Internet Addict. Passion 4 life!
    2. Recent Post: 7 Simple #Social Networking #Tips for #Business http://bit.ly/bwS6GB #SM
    3. Website: http://www.mirnabard.com/blog
    4. Twitter Profile: @MirnaBard
  2. Susan Macaulay / Amazing Susan
    1. Description: Funky, fit, quirky maverick, feminist/activist. Passionate re learning, life. Here 2 celebrate, motivate & inspire. Love #PINK, bling, dancing, & cool tweeps.
    2. Recent Post: Media Thinker Johanna Blakley Explores Fashion & #Copyright http://dld.bz/2Ysy #fashion #media #design #TED #TEDx #women
    3. Website: http://www.amazingwomenrock.com
    4. Twitter Profile: @AmazingSusan
  3. Elisa / ElisaTalk
    1. Description: All-around media chica who co-founded iParenting Media, acquired by The Walt Disney Company. My next venture is launching soon. I also tweet as @30secondmom.
    2. Recent Post: Ad Industry’s new ethics code by IAE takes on brand integration & social media disclosure. Ad Age: http://goo.gl/PztY0
    3. Website: http://www.elisaall.com
    4. Twitter Profile: @elisatalk

Marketing Companies

  1. The Kern Organization
    1. Description: Like most agencies, we thrive on innovating new ways to build our clients’ businesses. What makes us unique is how we use data insight and data intelligence to drive strategy.
    2. Recent Post: #Mobile #Ads Will Be Bigger than TV Ads Sooner Than You Think. Mobile #Marketing – http://ow.ly/4httM
    3. Website: http://www.thekernorganization.com
    4. Twitter Profile: @thekernorg
  2. Ad Age
    1. Description: Ad Age is the leading global source of news, intelligence and conversation for marketing and media communities.
    2. Recent Post: Microsoft Splits $1B Media Duties Between Starcom MediaVest, Universal McCann http://goo.gl/fb/nZcjO
    3. Website: http://www.adage.com
    4. Twitter Profile: @AdAge
  3. Mobile Marketer
    1. Description: The news leader in mobile marketing, media and commerce
    2. Recent Post: Are ad agencies holding up mobile advertising? http://bit.ly/hogPMO
    3. Website: http://www.MobileMarketer.com
    4. Twitter Profile: @MobileMktrDaily
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